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Don’t just take our word for it.

See what some of our Clinical Leads and PAs have to say about using ACE’s on their 2 year Post Grad course.

I’ve worked with Bob and Mark from Meducate on several projects with Physician associate students at multiple universities across the UK. Their knowledge of consultation skills and physical examinations is exceptional. Student feedback has always been extremely positive – they really appreciate the structured and constructive feedback on how to talk to and examine patients. Their ability to give detailed feedback to a student from a patient perspective is excellent and the importance of such cannot be underestimated. Bob and Mark have given the patient a voice in training our clinical students, something which I think is vital in medical education.

James Ennis

Clinical Director, University of Chester

As a course lead for the Physician Associate Program I have utilised Associate Clinical Educators for OSCE Examinations, Demonstrations, Roleplay, Systems examinations and Intimate Examinations. They are professional, well trained, experienced and the student feedback is always exceptional. I would recommend the company wholeheartedly. Matt Chapman, who works on the business side of the company is well organised and the ACEs Bob and Mark are excellent Communicators who entertain as well as educate.

Pete Gorman

Clinical Lead, University of Wolverhampton

Working with an ACE was very useful. It’s perfect to have teaching in this way because it’s a stress free environment for learning with someone who knows in detail what WE are trying to learn and who can explain it in easy steps, with standards the same as medical student teaching. Working with an ACE was Very beneficial as we needed more teaching! Learning from the ACE is excellent as they are so knowledgeable about a subject and we have so little time to do it, one afternoon for example on MSK is simply not enough…..we need more ACE hours to practice rather than practising on each other…to solidify the examination first so less likely to become sloppy in practice sessions with colleagues. Some of us take longer to pick up new skills and the teaching quality from the ACEs is excellent. Patience from the ACE when trying to learn new skills is absolutely splendid….who would be that man with myriad attempts at finding a femoral pulse or a digital PR exam??……it is a privilege to work with them.

Rachel Lowther

PA Student

Working with an ACE alongside a Clinician is very useful. As the PA role is so practical, the more hands on experience we have the better! Skills such as fundoscopy/otoscopy were great. The MSK material was excellent too. I found out later that the ACE had trained at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. Just great.
Jessica Plail

Physician Associate

I found that the experienced ACE’s were able to give really focussed and useful feedback on how to examine patients and conduct ourselves in a consultation. I felt I was working with a highly professional and skilled individual. I would like to have had more time with the ACE’s as this would have consolidated and fast track our learning.
Helen Walker

Physician Associate

Working with the ACE helped build confidence in performing examinations and taking histories before going out on placement and having to examine real patients. It was also useful towards the start of the course to get a better idea of what a normal examination was like before examining patients who may have pathology. Getting feedback from the ACE was a good way of fine tuning the skills and making sure we were doing things correctly from a patients perspective.Working with the ACE gave me more confidence to my approach to a real patient, in particular the more intimate examinations. This I believe put us a step ahead when it came to examining patients who are nervous/embarrassed.

Holly Hutchinson

Physician Associate

ACE’s bring a different dimension to the teaching of clinical skills as against being taught purely by videos and clinicians and mannequins. ACE’s can provide informal teaching on topics around examination and clinical skills. Over time the student and ACE can fine tune areas that still need work or what has been developed during the course. The ACEs always give accurate and individual feedback. Now that I’m qualified I have worked with other PA’s who never had access to an ACE. They struggle to know what is normal and have poor technique. They used volunteers who didn’t know what correct technique was! They were never even given hints or tips on how to improve.

Alice Fitzpatrick

Associate Clinical Lecturer / Physician Associate in Acute Medicine, Newcastle University

Very valuable and a very informative skills that I most definitely use in my OSCEs and work placement.

PA Student, University of Wolverhampton