Pharma Pathways


In line with the requirements of the 2021 GPhC “Standards for the Initial Education and Training of Pharmacists”, we can now offer a comprehensive training package for undergraduate and post-graduate pharmacists. These standards emphasize the need for updated educational outcomes that cover the five-year undergraduate training program, ensuring that newly qualified pharmacists possess consultation, history taking, and clinical skills, enabling them to become independent prescribers upon registration. If your institution or training organization already offers clinical pharmacist services in line with the new directive, we can provide highly experienced Associate Clinical Educators and Medical Role-players to support your clinical training team.

Currently, we have partnerships with The University of Wolverhampton and the University of Birmingham, collaborating on their undergraduate and IPC courses. In these programs, we supply highly experienced Associate Clinical Educators and Medical Roleplayers who assist in teaching through simulation.

In response to numerous requests, we have developed a comprehensive package called Pharma Pathways, catering to both undergraduates and experienced pharmacists. Here’s what our course encompasses:


Enhanced Clinical Communication Training:

      • Highly trained medical role players with extensive experience
      • Interactive roleplay training for students
      • Scenarios include basic history taking to complex conversations
      • Addressing challenging situations like delivering bad news, managing upset or angry patients, and communicating with individuals with fixed beliefs about vaccines and medication
      • Valuable feedback provided to enhance foundational skills, build rapport, and adopt a collaborative approach to history taking

Case-Based Physical Assessment Skills:

      • Assistance in performing physical examinations on Associate Clinical Educators (simulated patients)
      • Feedback given on technique, approach, and effectiveness

Guidance for Further Treatment:

      • Equipping students to guide patients towards the appropriate pathway for further treatment.

Alongside the complete package, we also provide the flexibility to offer customized solutions that meet the unique requirements of your educational team.

Additional Information:

      • Designed to meet the requirements of the 2021 GPhC “Standards for the Initial Education and Training of Pharmacists”
      • Suitable for institutions or training organizations offering clinical pharmacist services in compliance with the new directive
      • Partnerships with The University of Wolverhampton and the University of Birmingham
      • Comprehensive package called Pharma Pathways for undergraduates and experienced pharmacists
      • Customized solutions available to meet unique educational team requirements
      • Commitment to delivering high-quality training and support at Meducate Academy

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